fredag den 10. juli 2009

The Pond! - Vandhullet!


On her way to a green bath! - Hun er på vej til et grønt bad!

She makes the jump into all the duckweed!

Så hopper hun ned i alt andemaden!

She fills up her mouth with duckweed and water. See how the water trickle out of her mouth!
Hun fylder munden med andemad og vand. Se hvordan vandet drypper ud af hendes mund!


Splash, splash, splash! - plaske, plaske, plaske!

On her way up on dry land - På vej op til tørt underlag

Shake, shake, shake... - Ryste, ryste, ryste...

Down into all the duckweed again! - Ned i alt andemaden igen!

Jump, jump and shake, shake! - Hoppe, hoppe og ryste, ryste!

Happiness! - Livsglæde!

Down into the duckweed for the third time - Ned i andemaden for tredje gang

A header? - Hovedspring?

Sopping wet! - Drivvåd!

Seaweed on her nose - Tang på næsen

Duckweed and seaweed are fun! - Andemad og tang er sjovt!

Cheerfulness - Livsglæde

More shaking - Mere rystning

For the fourth time! - For fjerde gang!

Splash, splash.. - Plaske, plaske..

A lot of fun - En masse sjov

And now wiping in the grass and the sun. - Og nu tørring i græsset og solen.

16 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my goodness! What fun she had! Thanks for the smile...great pictures.


  2. Awesome photos! She had so much fun :) We can't believe she's a little water-Sheltie. Josh and Jess hate it!

  3. Skønne billeder, hun ser godt nok ud til at more sig, den lille mosegris;o)

  4. What a grand time she had. Looks like she is going to be a little swimmer :)

    Wonderful photos!

  5. Oh my goodness what a cutie and what GREAT photos you took! She had so much fun and is so funny in the water and with seaweed in her mouth. I just loved the whole story! I'm so glad you shared this with us! Give her a hug from me (when she's dry again)!

  6. Great pics! Are you part retriever lol?

  7. What FUN!!! She really went Deep into the pond. I love to see shelties enjoying themselves. Thank you for the fun pictures.

  8. haha vad skönt!
    Wilmer gillar inte att bada såå mycket. Men lite grann i vattnet är smått kul ändå.

    Klem! ;)

  9. that looks like a grand time!!

  10. absolutely superb photos! She is one very happy dog!

  11. OMG I cant believe she will go in that stuff. My shelties dont even like regular water. Great pictures. She looks like she is having a fun time. Diana

  12. She looked like she was having so much fun! She just jumps in like it's no big deal, lol! She's really growing up too.


  13. What fantastic pictures! We have been meaning to visit your blog to say thanks for visiting ours!
    Sorry we are so late catching up. Your post was full of fun and we enjoyed it. Great to see a happy, healthy dog!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  14. Very cute and funny photos! Swimming is definitely not my thing at all! My favorite photo is "cheerfulness"!

  15. She is so happy! My shelties don´t like water, but she love the lake! Beutiful pictures! =)

  16. Beautiful pictures.
    Lovely sheltie!
    In sumertime my puppies take a bath every day.
    In a little pool.
    You can see it on my old blogg.
    The sheltiepuppies are great swimmers.

    Spännande blogg som jag gärna återkommer till.
    Sheltievalpar är duktiga simmare. Dom behöver inte läras utan dom kan simma. Och dom tycker det är roligt.


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