fredag den 23. januar 2009

I’ve also been tagged!!

I have been tagged by Josh and Jessie …… 2 very smart shelties from Wellington/NZ

This is what you should do:

Open a document or file folder,
Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo.
Post the photo and describe it.
Then tag 5 other bloggers.

So here I go!

It's a picture of two of my collies I had before I switched to Shelties!! Rie (the sable one) and Nönne (the tri one) are playing on a sunny day in the Easter 2006. Liam a Bearded Collie is looking at the girls while they are playing tag.

And now I’m tagging some of my new blog-friends :o) So here they come:

Acadia Shelties

Lacewood Shelties

Laureate Shelties


Bluedog Shelties

Hope you will play with us crazy bloggers :o)

Hugs from Bente

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a great picture!!! Thanks for playing with us ;o)

  2. Hi Bente,
    I joined the "tagged" game. Check out my photo and post.


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